Resources to develop a digital school

While working with the Erasmus+ “Digital Schools of Europe project (2015-2018) it became clear that while the use of a self-assessment tool by schools was helpful in terms of assessing their position on the spectrum of digital transformation and in identifying associated strengths and weaknesses, for many schools accessing resources relevant to their particular situation was a difficulty and a frustration. While resources do exist, they are not always easy to locate and gaps exist in many areas.

This IO contains the massive work of developing a roadmap for the digital school ecosystem: an online library of modules structured according to the SELFIE headings. Each section will include resources in each of the project partner languages. The purpose of this repository is to enable schools that have completed the SELFIE process and identified areas in need of development to be enabled to have instant and easy access to a set of proven online resources tailored to their needs.

Shelfie is a project that wants to help the schools with how to improve their digital organisation and show them a way how they can develop. In this project we are aiming to do something that has never been done before and that is to create modules that help schools navigate from one level in the heading to the next without having to use a lot of time and energy in finding resources to do so on their own. This is neither efficient, effective nor encouraging. Using the modules will be time-effective and very easy.

The target group for this IO is initially European schools but of course the portal will be available for any school to use in combination with the SELFIE tool.

The expected impact of the IO2 is an easy accessible and easy to use online portal of resources that will be used by European schools in their digital progress.

The transferability potential is that the online portal of resources can be used by any European school as as a tool in developing their digital progress for a much longer time than the period of the project since we look at the project as a springboard for creating something sustainable that will last long after the completion of the project.