Non-profit organisation and NGO for Development, Lisbon

NUCLIO is a non-profit organization and an NGO for development that brings together teachers and researchers from the fields of science, psychology of education and educational sciences. NUCLIO coordinates and participates as a partner in several national and international projects and initiatives that aim to promote innovation and development in education. NUCLIO coordinates the Galileo Teacher Training Program (GTTP), one of the largest teacher training efforts in the world involving over 100 countries. Since its establishment, NUCLIO has reached over 70 000 teachers at a global level. NUCLIO also promotes scientific outreach actions, such as night sky observations and talks with scientists in different scientific fields.

People involved in the project

Ana Costa

Retired Secondary School Chemistry Teacher, does volunteer work with NUCLIO

Gustavo Rojas

Researcher at NUCLIO

Rosa Doran

Senior Researcher at NUCLIO

Main activities

NUCLIO is the national coordinator for Portugal and has the following contributions to the project:

O1 – NUCLIO will coordinate the implementation of the study analysis in Portugal actively seeking for schools that might work as affiliate schools in the project and as such contribute to the validation of the studies/analysis

O2 – NUCLIO will support the selection for the best tools and methods of innovation in science education. The team will also gather the necessary support from teachers participating in the project in order to validate the choices and enrich the repository of OER

O3 – NUCLIO will contribute to enrich the Online Safety Roadmap, specially taking in to account the experience existing in Portugal coming from the Internet Safety project developed by our  Ministry of Education:

We hope to further develop our network of Digital Schools and create a strong community of practice towards innovation in schools.

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