Education Centre, Odense

At the Educational Resource Centre, teachers and schools from the Southern Region of Denmark have access to an extensive collection of educational materials as well as library and consultancy services.

As a public institution the Educational Resource Centre is obligated to initiate, facilitate, and communicate new didactic measures and development projects in the Danish education system.

The centre is a catalyst for creative didactic development, involving teachers and schools.

The Educational Resource Centre offers professional development for teachers and headmasters both at the centre and locally at the schools. This includes both educational didactic topics and subject-specific areas.

People involved in the project

John Albert Kraaer

Educational consultant and international coordinator of CFU – Educational Resource Centre of UCL. Works with Erasmus+ programmes and courses – accredited for Erasmus+ mobilities. Webmaster for on behalf of the of the Danish eTwinning NSO

Bo Teglskov Kristensen

Educational consultant with Maths and Technology Comprehension as speciality.

Affiliated Schools

Main Activities

Denmark is in the lead of Continuing Professional Development within IO2 and Teaching and Learning. 

We expect to further develop the area of implementation of technology and online safety with good partners we have great experiences in cooperating with.

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